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Currently no additional information is available on this serviceman.

We are always looking to further our understanding of each Individual's life and military career. If you can help tell the story of this serviceman then please contact us here.

With over 22000 names to research on 800+ memorials we are appreciative of any help or additional information that you can provide. If you would like to be involved in the Herts at War Roll of Honour please contact our Roll of Honour Research Coordinator Mr Jonty Wild.

The Roll of Honour section of this site is designed both as a historical resource and an opportunity for the general public within Hertsfordshire to provide information about their own family members or townsfolk who made the ultimate sacrfice in the Great War. Our dedicated team of volunteers are currently in the process of updating the pages for invididuals towns and villages throughout the county. Although we work hard to make sure that information provided on this site is as accurate and informaive as possible, there are always opportunities and instances where we find conflicting information. The additional informaiton pages of each serviceman provides an excellent opportunity to enhance our understanding of the personnel who served and to correct any misidentifications. We value the constributions of the public and are glad to make amendments as we are informed of them.

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