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Hertfordshire Locations "B"

Here you will find links to the Hertfordshire locations beginning with "B". They are the list of locations in Hertfordshire at the time of the Great War and as the boundary is today.

Each location will, over time, link to:
-  The names of the men and women that died and their details *1.
-  Information about the memorials or memorials at that location.
-  General information about that location.

If you can add information, supply men's photographs or correct any errors please email: jontywild@hertsatwar.co.uk or if you would like to volunteer to help with this project please email: info@hertsatwar.co.uk

*1 These are the names of all the men and women known to have died and who have an established connection with the location. As a result the list may also contain names that do not appear on the location's memorial (or memorials if there is more than one). The type of entry can be distinguished by the poppy icon, i.e.: 

Hertfordshire soldier    The Men That Died      Not On The Memorial(s)

Further information about where a man is listed or what their connection to the location is can be found on the individual's biography.

*2 Many locations have more than one memorial; typically a village may have an external cross and then further memorials in churches and schools - the names appearing are not always consistent. These sections provide information about the memorial or memorials in the relevant location.

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