Hertfordshire Newspapers

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Hertfordshire Newspaper Archive

During the Great War newspapers played a pivotal role in news gathering and sharing of information with the wider community. Hertfordshire was covered by various newspapers ranging from those that reported on specific towns such as the Letchworth & Baldock Citizen to the Hertfordshire Mercury which covered the entire county.

Each newspaper contained a comprehensive 'war news' section which informed locals about progress in the war and gave regular updates on local men and women on foreign service. They also had the unenviable task of reporting war casualties, an occurrence that was all too common in the papers from late 1914 onward.

The pages of some of those local papers, written 100 years ago, are reproduced here, and they provide an exceptional and fascinating opportunity to understand the media of the day.

In digitising documents such as these we hope not only to inform the public about the Great War but also about the issues that were important to residents in everyday life.