Manage a Locality – Take Ownership?

If you are a group, organisation or even an individual who would like to take more control and management of the content for your location – there is no cost to this, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your wishes - Read on . . . . .

We expect that most locations will remain under the direct control of HAW volunteers, but you can take significant control over a location in which you have a specific interest. If you do, then you would become a welcome partner to Herts at War, working under our ‘umbrella’ but running ‘your area’ of the website as a semi-independent site at no cost.

Shared common elements such as the war dead’s biographies will need to reflect project style and sit within the database that serves the website, but taking control give you the following opportunities:

  • To have significant control over the look, feel, content and therefore ownership of ‘your’ sub-site
  • You could extend the HAW Project remit. This might include local articles, stories and even other conflicts

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