Research Team Links

This page is intended for HAW Team members - those who have undertaken research on 'our' men and women.

For those experienced in entering data directly into our database you will have a user name and password. The link to the database is:

Database Login:

Where work is needed: Here

Request database login: Here (if not already registered)

Returning Team Members

If you are a returning team member you will find significant differences from when our work was done offline, hopefully these will increase efficiency and help,  but we are always open to suggestions for improvements.  The most significant changes are:

  • Most researchers will now enter research directly in to the database, but if this is not for you we will find another way, just ask.
  • If a likely man or women already exists in our database then you will see potential matches immediately and, if confident of the match, you can add to it and, if not, create a new entry or move on.
  • New information can be added directly or copied and pasted in.
  • New individuals or information will appear in the website as soon as an administrator has sense checked the work.

You will need a user name and password.  Please request that by emailing directly or requesting via

You may find the new guides helpful (see Research Guide & Templates) alternatively email your questions.