Helping the Project

Our Researchers

The Herts at War Project is totally reliant on our volunteers, without them the Project could not be a success - we thank all of you who have helped so far.

Personal Message from Jonty Wild – HAW Project ROH (Roll of Honour) Researcher Coordinator

We need your help.

Our volunteers vary from experts and novices – some of the latter have now become experts! If you are interested in joining us, then a word of warning, it is a bit like detective work, and it can become addictive!

Seriously though, we think you will enjoy it as much as we do, and whatever your level of knowledge or experience, we will give you the help you need. 

We do not want research to become a chore, so we encourage our volunteers to pace themselves, pausing when necessary or for a rest or when you're busy with other things and then picking it up again when time is available or to change areas of research - this helps keep the interest and enthusiasm alive.

If you are interested please consider helping, read some of the Research section and the register via Contribute - Help the Project.


We are run by volunteers and all of our researchers are volunteers. Some of our researchers join the team and finish when they have completed ‘their’ location, others enjoy the challenge so much that they just keep on going. Others offer more general help. To research or help as an individual visit Contribute - Help the Project.

Groups, Societies & Organisations

If you represent a group or society that would like to become involved, or perhaps are already working on a similar area and might consider collaborating, we would be pleased to discuss details with you, please Contact Us.

If you are working on a project already but are not yet ready to contribute or share with us, please let us know, we really are a community project and may still promote your project and share information.

The following links may be of interest:

Manage a Locality – Take Ownership?

If you are a group, organisation or even an individual who would like to take more control and management of the content for a location, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your wishes - there is no cost to this. Read on . . . . .

We expect that most locations will remain under the direct control of HAW Project, but you can take significant control over a location in which you have a special interest. If you do, then effectively for the purposes of the relevant work, you would become a partner organisation of Herts at War, working under our ‘umbrella’ but run ‘your area’ of the website as a semi-independent site at no cost.

Shared common elements such as the war dead’s biographies will need to reflect project style and sit within the database that serves the website, but taking control will give you the following opportunities:

  • To have significant control over the look, feel, content and therefore ownership of ‘your’ sub-site
  • You could extend the HAW Project remit. This might include local articles, stories and even other conflicts

Two examples, which will be available soon, are ‘Pirton at War’ and ‘Stevenage at War’. These will soon appear under the At War - Roll of Honour.

Universities, Schools or Colleges

If you represent a university department, school or college, history club or set of like-minded students, we are happy to discuss side projects that may feed directly into our website or database. We have already worked with a number of schools and colleges and are certain that we could offer something valuable in return. Contact Us.


With the best of intentions, we can all make mistakes or use incorrect information. If you spot any examples of this, please tell us via Contribute - Submit Information / Corrections.

Broken Links

If you find any links not working as they should, please let us know. Contact Us.

New Information

Any and all information (snippets or full biographies), documents, photographs etc are always wanted and always welcome please us via Contribute - Submit Information / Corrections.