Visiting a CWGC Cemetery?

Are you planning to visit a CWGC cemetery or CWGC memorial abroad or any cemeteries with CWGC graves, in the UK?

If so, would you be willing to photograph any Hertfordshire related headstones or names while you are there please contact us via contact, we can check what is needed and make it easier by providing the following (where they exist):

  • Plan of the cemetery showing the layout of plots for the graves etc.
  • List of Herts related men and women, in a fairly logical order to help find them
  • A simple guide to what is needed

If you use a SatNav, either Garmin or TomTom the following might help.

Downloadable SatMap Points of Interest (POIs) for CWGC sites in the UK and elsewhere.

Please note:

  1. I can take no credit for these as they were produced by Bruce Caldwell, however I can no longer find these files online and so I have taken the liberty of providing them here.  If you are able to put me in touch with Bruce please do so so that I can make sure that I comply with his wishes.
  2. I used to use the TomTom version, but now use Garmin, so I can only vouch for the latter and therefore recommend testing the TomTom version before relying on them. I also assume that you know how to load them onto your device (POILoader for Garmin and MyDrive Connect for TomTom I believe).
  3. At present these files are not being updated, but generally I would expect very changes.

Garmin zip file to download

TomTom file to download

If do use these and discover any changes required, please contact us with details.