Volunteer Personal Commemorations

HAW Project volunteers and friends personal commemorations

This is an area where you can find the HAW Project volunteers and friends personal commemorations. These are personal and unlikely to be Hertfordshire related but perhaps they explanation why we do it?

HAW Personal Commemorations

Loading instructions:

  • If it is a biography with one photo – like the usual HAW ones - it can be added in the normal way as either as a Biography (Normal Format) or a Biography (Story Format) – whichever best suits but choose ‘HAW Project Volunteers Personal Commemorations’ as the location.
  • If it is a gallery of photographs I would need to do it and by the way I have done virtually none of these yet but I must get my head round it for the memorials etc.
  • Otherwise, we can add virtually anything as a PDF (e.g. whole books) or possibly as a downloadable eBook.

Any volunteers struggling to, upload contact jontywild@hertsatwar.co.uk.