The Herts at War project emerged out of a series of individual historical research assignments and collaboration with Letchworth’s Highfield School History Department to uncover the wartime exploits of local soldiers in the Great War.

The tales of bravery and heroism which emerged, combined with the approaching centenary of the outbreak of the war, seemed to demand that the stories be told and protected for posterity, education, awareness and as an act of remembrance. When the countywide story of the home front throughout the Great War is considered a further compelling reason exists to tell the ‘Herts at War’ story.

The Herts at War team has developed since its conception in 2012 from a small group of researchers, teachers and historians to now, an initiative with over a hundred volunteers from each corner of the county. The vision beyond the centenary is to keep expanding this diverse and incredibly dedicated group, and in doing so, allow the story of the county during the Great War to be further told and preserved for future generations.

If you share our aim of remembrance and would like to be involved in any way, then why not contact us via Contribute (more specific contact details) or Contact Us (more general). Our volunteers are the driving force behind the project, and we are proud to be ever increasing in numbers and knowledge through the diverse team that share our common goal.