Researching for Non-members

Research Undertaken for Non-members:

Our research is only undertaken on Great War war-dead and survivors, but they do not have to be Hertfordshire related.

Most research for members is either free or at a discounted rate, but we do offer various research options for non-members. 

The work is undertaken by one or more of a panel of our experienced researchers and the work could take from a few days to a few weeks to complete.

Please note:

  • We only research Great War war-dead and survivors.
  • If necessary, we reserve the right to refuse research requests, if we cannot provide a researcher within a sensible time, any money received would of course be refunded.
  • It is quite possible that some or all the resources named will reveal little or no information, and some resources will only apply to either war-dead or survivors.
  • Payment does not guarantee any specific amount or detail for the information that can be provided, only that the sources referred to will be investigated.
  • If the research relates to a man or woman with a Hertfordshire connection, we reserve the right to add it to their biography using our database and website.

All the information found will either be transcribed, or copies of the documents supplied.  All will be provided digitally and by email as a first choice and where that is not practical a Dropbox or alternative method will be used:

There are currently three research options available:

Research Options:

  1. CWGC*1, SDITGW, De Ruvigny, HAW (members level research), Medal Rolls x 2, Silver War Badge Records, 1939 register (where relevant).
  2. All of option 1 plus Service Records, Pension Records, War Diaries for the week before death or any other date requested, 1881/1891/1901/1911 pre-war census, 1939 register.
  3. If the above research (e.g. war diary) gives locational information, then, if required, we will endeavour to supply a trench map image and where practically possible that image overlaid on Google satellite or map of the location.

*1 Includes headstone inscription, grave registration documents and concentration details.

Members Research Costs:

Option 1 Research - £6 each person for non-members (HAW members free but limited to two per year).

Option 2 Research - £25 each person for non-members (HAW members free but limited to two per year, more at a discounted price). 

Option 3 Research - £35 each person for non-members  £15 if searched, but insufficient detail found - (HAW members £25/£10 per person).

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