Herbert Thomas Day


Herbert Thomas Day


First World War

Date of Death / Age


Rank, Service Number & Service Details

Bedfordshire Regiment
4th Bn.


British War and Victory medals




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UK Memorials

Stevenage Old Town Memorial
St Nicholas' Church Memorial, Stevenage Old Town
Holy Trinity Church Memorial Roll of Honour, Stevenage Old Town
Not on the Walkern memorials

Pre War

Herbert was born on the 1st September 1894, the son of Thomas & Mary Day (nee Austin). Census records show that the family lived in Alleyns Road, Stevenage, and that Herbert followed in his father’s footsteps by taking up an occupation as a House Painter.

Wartime Service

He was to lose his life during the closing stages of the Battle of Passchendaele. The offensive had been launched on the 31st July 1917 and continued until the fall of Passchendaele village on 6th November. Although it resulted in gains for the Allies it was by no means the breakthrough General Haig intended, and such gains as were made came at great cost in human terms. The area had suffered the heaviest rains it had seen for 30 years and this, combined with intensive shelling from both sides, had turned the ground into a hellish morass. The battalion was involved in an attack near Westrozebeke, which is North-West of Ypres. The assault commenced at 05.50am and the going was very bad with many men up to their knees in mud. To make matters worse the Germans were expecting the attack and once it commenced they brought heavy shelling to bear on the advancing British troops. Even those who were not caught in the barrage could not move and were shot by German snipers while sticking in the mud. Little headway was made and the Battalion suffered some 234 casualties, including 157 wounded. Herbert Day was amongst those wounded and died the following day as a result of his injuries.

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