William Henry Anderson


William Henry Anderson


First World War

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Royal Army Medical Corps


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Little information regarding William Henry Anderson has been identified. He was first recorded in the Abbots Langley Parish Magazine Roll of Honour in January 1916, where he was listed serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). He was recorded each month through to the end of the War, and was also listed in the Autumn 1918, Spring 1919, and Autumn 1919 Absent Voter Records, again serving with the RAMC. In the Autumn 1919 Absent Voters Record he was listed as William Victor Anderson

In Autumn 1918 he was shown serving with the 35th Company of the RAMC, but when the Spring 1919 information was collected he had transferred to the 7th Company of the RAMC and was based at the 4th Southern General Hospital at Devonport. In the Autumn 1919 Absent Voter List he was still at the General Hospital in Devonport. In the Absent Voter Lists he gave his home address as Asylum Road, Abbots Langley in the first two records, and in the Autumn 1919 List his address was given as Vowler Villa, Abbots Langley. Vowler Villa comprised two residences between modern Numbers 66 and 74 Breakspeare Road.

The Parish Magazine recorded that during the course of the War, three daughters were born to William Henry and Mabel Jane Anderson. The children were born in June 1915, and on 28th July 1918 and 10th October 1919.

William Henry Anderson does not appear in Census Records. It was possible that he came to the area to work at the Asylum, as many did, and joined the RAMC, again as many Asylum Attendants did throughout the War. Attendants tended to live close to the Asylum, and his return to the Asylum Road area at the end of the War may also be a clue to his occupation and reason for being in Abbots Langley.

William Henry Anderson survived the War.

Additional Information

Formerly service number 82005.


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