Tour Terms & Conditions


These are intended to clarify and protect Herts at War, members, travellers and guests (Version 1, last updated 31/3/2022)

Please note that Herts at War (HAW) is not a business nor a professional tour or travel company. We organise occasional travel (Travel or Tour) which may consist, but not exclusively, of day trips or longer trips by coach, mini-bus, car, train or self-drive, abroad or in the UK. These are organised for the benefit and education of those who travel with us, i.e. our members and authorised guests (non-members accepted for Travel). These are referred to below as Traveller or Travellers or collectively as Partyfor the avoidance of doubt this means all who pay and are accepted to travel. HAW are a 'not for profit' organisation and any surplus funds from our Travel are returned to HAW to offset our costs. However, we may use the professional services of a coach company and a hotel booking service – both have their own Terms & Conditions which may supersede HAW’s– if you wish to see these, make your request to

Be aware that we do not have specific insurance to cover our Travellers and require you to consider your own requirements and obtain any travel, medical, accident, injury, cancellation, repatriation, lost property and any other insurance you may need. Note however, that valid travel insurance with repatriation cover is mandatory.

  1. Booking Forms must be completed fully, accurately and honestly; completion of a form and payment of a deposit is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. We require one form per traveller. Any later changes or corrections may incur charges for which the Traveller(s) would be responsible. On receipt of the booking form either via email or post, and your deposit, your booking is binding for the Traveller. Acceptance of your booking is at the discretion of HAW and may require confirmation of room availability etc. the return of any deposit or other money paid, will confirm HAW We reserve the right not to proceed with Travel or any booking or individual booking at any time, subject to our cancellation terms.
  2. Cancellation Terms: The minimum deposit is detailed in the booking form and may, or part thereof, may be returned subject to the following sliding scale of cancellation – if you wish to cancel you are advised to act at the earliest opportunity:
    1. More that 4-months before travel 100% - subject to any non-refundable deposits made my HAW to confirm travel and bookings.
    2. Less than 10-weeks before travel £0.00.
  3. Payment of Balance: Any remaining money is to be paid in advance of 10-weeks before travel and this is non-refundable. However, if a replacement Traveller is found, some funds may be returnable. If the outstanding balance is not received in advance of 9-weeks before travel, we shall assume cancellation by the Payment later than 9-weeks before travel may not guarantee a place on the tour and may be non-refundable.
  4. Passports: To travel you must have a valid passport with you. Since the UK left the EU changes have been made to the acceptance of UK passports by the EU. At the time of writing they require a passport less than 10 years old on the day you enter – check your ‘date of issue’ and valid for at least 3-months after the day you plan to leave - check your ‘expiry date’. HAW will endeavour to make you aware of any specific requirements, but cannot be held responsible for information and changes which are not available via the relevant Government travel guidance site or at the time we pass on the information to you, or for changes made after that date.
  5. Travel Insurance: You are responsible for ensuring that you have valid travel insurance with repatriation cover for the period of the tour – HAW requires this cover as it is mandatory, and you must not travel without it. You should also ensure that you have insurance to cover your requirements (examples given above in the introduction). If expiry date given on the booking form is pre- or during travel dates – you are responsible for renewal in time to travel and HAW will assume that you have done so. If HAW become aware that you have not complied, you may not be permitted to travel or may have to leave the Party and you will be responsible for any related arrangements and costs.

In addition, to ensure you have access to free emergency health care within the EU, you should check that your EHIC card has not expired and if it has, or you do not have one, you should apply (ASAP) for the new UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which is free and can be ordered online from

  1. Price changes. Prices set at time of booking may be subject to variation due to matters outside our control. HAW will do all it can to avoid passing on any increases to you, but where that is not practical, they are payable by the Travellers.
  2. Hazards & Disability: Our travel and the nature of the places we visit mean that there are likely to be some or all the following: rough ground, damp, wet or slippery surfaces, ladders and other obstacles to mobility. Every Traveller is responsible for their own personal safety throughout the trip and HAW will not be held liable for any injury or illness. Travellers with disability or infirmity are welcomed and we will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate them, provided in our (HAW) opinion they are practical and not excessively detrimental to the enjoyment and convenience of other Travellers. Any additional requirements for care or costs for this must be agreed with HAW prior to booking and we will be guided by the knowledge of the relevant Traveller and/or their carer(s).
  3. Travel Requirements: It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all specific Visa, Passport, Covid-19 and any other entry requirements for any country you visit or travel through while travelling with HAW. We accept no responsibility if you or any Traveller is delayed or cannot travel because you have not complied with Passport, Visa, Covid-19 and any other entry requirements and we are not liable for any cost incurred by you failing to meet these requirements. It is your responsibility to be at all group rendezvous points. Our driver, organiser and/or guides will take reasonable steps to find you should you not appear at a rendezvous, but after a reasonable time of waiting, they will leave without you. No refund or payments of any costs you incur will be made under these circumstances.
  4. Behaviour: Each Traveller is responsible for their behaviour. If, in the opinion of HAW, any Traveller’s behaviour or demeanour is disruptive, dangerous or annoying to other travellers, we may remove them from the Party. Should this be necessary HAW will not be liable for any costs including accommodation, travel, repatriation for them or any other Traveller who chooses to remain with them.
  5. The Travel or Tour commences from your pickup point and ends at your drop off point. Travel outside of the tour is the responsibility of the The daily itinerary commences or ends at these points or the hotel, unless additional evening activities are offered. Only food or drink specifically detailed in the itinerary is included in the cost. HAW will endeavour to provide the Tour and itinerary as detailed, however we reserve the right to make changes at our discretion, including, but not limited to, accommodation, dates, times and/or specific elements of the itinerary including additions. Where these changes are, in the opinion of HAW major and are known at least 2-weeks in advance of travel you will have the choice to accept the changes or to cancel with a refund, but this refund may not include any deposit(s) already paid by HAW. HAW will not be responsible for any additional costs or losses incurred by any Traveller.
  6. Force Majeure: This includes riots, war, invasion, terrorist activity, industrial action, civil commotion, fire, adverse weather, natural disasters, pandemic or epidemic diseases and technical problems with transport etc. For action taken under Force Majeure we will not pay any compensation, however if money is recovered by HAW this will be shared (pro rata) between Travellers after any reasonable costs have been deducted.
  7. Minimum numbers. For Travel to be viable, a minimum number of fully paid-up Travellers is required. If this is not achieved before HAW are required to pay deposits etc. – usually about 6-weeks before travel, we may cancel and refund the monies received, but less any unretrievable costs incurred by HAW.
  8. Definitions: “Reasonable” means in the considered opinion of HAW.

COVID-19 or any similar pandemic and epidemic diseases

  1. HAW will endeavour to make Travellers aware of any requirements before travel using Government travel guidance at HAW cannot be held responsible for requirements which are not seen on that site at the time we prepare our guidance for you or changes made after that date. It is the responsibility of each Traveller to comply with all and any rules, laws or guidance put in place by the British Government, or any requirements put in place by the governments of any country we will be visiting or passing through, including being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and for bringing any required documentation.
  2. HAW will not be responsible for any costs incurred if you are unable to travel for reasons of non-compliance, lack of documentation or any other reason, or for repatriation if you be unable to continue the Tour for any reason.