Guy Bartlett - "Barnes Wallis & 617 Squadron' - The Dambusters"

16 May 2024 19:30

Guy Bartlett - "Barnes Wallis & 617 Squadron' - The Dambusters"

The Talk: You might think that you know lots about Barnes Wallis and the Dambusters - let's see!

Discover the skill and bravery of the crews of 19 Lancaster aircraft as well as the vision and determination of inventor Barnes Wallis.

Operation “Chastise” has become a legend in military history as it contains all the traditionally admired military attributes of originality, surprise and heroism coupled with a dramatic outcome.

Learn about the success and failures of one of the most daring raids of WWII.

Do you know the links this mission has with Herne Bay, or where you can still see the bouncing bombs?

About the Speaker: Guy is an aviation historian with significant experience of public speaking and a former schoolteacher. He is confident in describing and explaining events in an easy to absorb and interesting manner. He uses archive film footage, technology, music, humour and genuine enthusiasm for aviation history to provide a fascinating insight into many varied topics.
His forename is his parents' dedication to Guy Gibson, the leader of the Dambusters. His love of aviation came from his father, who was in the RAF, and who had a passion for air displays, and he would take Guy to airshows as a child.

His all-time favourite aircraft is the Avro Vulcan, which he helped to restore to flight. He also has links to Concorde, the Red Arrows and Chatham Naval Officers Association.

His presentations began almost a decade ago, at a dinner party, where the guests were asked to tell the group something about themselves that others wouldn't know. He described his 2002 flight on Concorde.

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