Nigel Crompton - "The Women's Police Service in the Great War"

17 October 2024 19:30

Nigel Crompton - "The Women's Police Service in the Great War"

The Talk: includes a description of the involvement of the Ministry of Munitions who thanks to contracts with the Service during 1916 led to massive growth in the number of female police officers required to guard different factories. We start with the forming of the service and the reasons. We look at the founder members who on occasions had very colourful backgrounds in the Suffragette movement. Using photographs, our presentation includes the pay, conditions of service, training and where they were stationed. After the war, the closing of numerous factories resulted in a number of WPS members finding positions in police forces but not all areas of the country welcomed the WPS and in 1921 they became the Women's Auxiliary Service. A different story from the Great War!

About the Speaker: Nigel Crompton has been speaking on local history and other related subjects for nearly 35 years. His interest in the Great War stems from his Grand Father and other relatives plus his ongoing involvement with Fire Service/ Safety organisations which have led to his writing articles and researching a different side to the Great War. He has and continues to help Museums, authors, the Media and latterly family history enquiries with many varied and fascinating projects. Nigel graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MA in British History - First World War Studies.

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