Geoff Cunnington - "Grand Fleet Lives: picturing Royal Navy sailors’ postcards in the First World War"

15 February 2024 19:30

Geoff Cunnington - "Grand Fleet Lives: picturing Royal Navy sailors" postcards in the First World War

The Talk: For this visually rich presentation, Geoff will draw upon his extensive collection of Royal Navy sailors’ postcards from the First World War. He will use the unique visual-textual format of the postcard to explain and contextualise the lives and experiences of the ordinary sailors and their families. This brings a novel dimension to the historiography of the cultural history of the lower-deck of the Royal Navy in time of war.

The presentation is about 45 minutes in duration, with additional time for questions afterwards.

About the Speaker: Geoff is a retired company secretary with a life-long interest the Great War, and is an independent researcher in the field of naval history. His particular focus is on the social history of the Royal Navy from the late Victorian and Edwardian eras through to the end of the First World War. He graduated from the University of Portsmouth with an MA in Naval History in the summer of 2023.

He has recently spoken at the Great War Group Conference in Brighton and at The Society for Nautical Research (South) in Portsmouth.

Tickets: Free entry and you do not need to book to attend, but it would help us if you did (i.e. hall preparation and refreshments etc.).

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