Julian Whippy – ‘The D-Day Dodgers’

15 April 2020 19:30

The D-Day Dodgers

“Eighth Army scroungers landed at Salerno, a holiday with pay, Jerry brought the band to cheer them on their way”

The Lyrics still echo from the Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers, so sarcastically written about how easy life allegedly was in World War Two Italy.

In this new presentation Julian describes the Italian Campaign of 1943-45 and some of the men that fought there providing evidence that of course it was far from easy in Italy.


Jools has been guiding battlefield tours across the world for 20 years and owns Battle Honours Tours a market leading specialist battlefield tour company.

His background after a spell in the Territorial Army was serving in the Police for 25 years in London and Hertfordshire. 

However it has been his passion for Military History that have taken him to such far flung corners as Gettysburg, Goose Green, Gallipoli, Rorkes Drift and Salonika.

He also works closely with the British Army on delivering Battlefield Studies for professional development which has taken him to the Baltics with Operational units near the Russian borders.

Married, Julian lives in Bedfordshire (but still prefers Hertfordshire) and is a despairing West Ham season ticket holder.

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